What is Cambridge2Cambridge?

Cambridge2Cambridge (C2C) is an international cyber security competition jointly organized by the University of Cambridge (UK) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US). Over a hundred keen students from the most prestigious cyber security universities in the two countries will receive dedicated training and practice in cyber security throughout the academic year and will compete in intense hacking challenges on a dedicated cyber-range, initially online and then face-to-face in mixed teams. The live challenges will be hosted at the historic Trinity College and at the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge. The Inter-ACE Cyberchallenge, a national qualifying round among the UK ACE-CSRs, is on March 18th, 2017, whereas the 3-day international US- UK C2C final is on July 24th-26th, 2017. The competition is endorsed by GCHQ and by the UK Cabinet Office. It will attract considerable attention around the world from academia, industry, government officials and top media.

Why sponsor this event?

The University of Cambridge and MIT are world-renowned institutions that are honing the cutting edge of cyber security research. While the inaugural edition of C2C in 2015-16 only admitted students from these two universities, the 2016-17 edition expands to several other top ranking academic institutions in US and UK. Sponsoring C2C is a unique opportunity to engage with the best and brightest in cyber---just the kind of skilled security personnel a company or agency in this field would want to recruit as soon as they graduate. You will connect with these students and their accompanying faculty, you will gain visibility as a potential future employer and you will have a chance to showcase your company as an exciting workplace. In one sentence, a unique PR, branding, networking and recruiting opportunity, connecting you with the best and brightest in cyber security across top US and UK universities.

The C2C event is an approved investment target for the GCHQ CyberInvest programme. If you have already committed to investing the prescribed amount by signing up to the club, no other engagement with a university is likely to give you a comparable return for your money in terms of recruitment potential, publicity, media exposure, branding and access to the top talent in the field.

Sponsorship packages

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact our event management team.